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four by three is an independent online magazine committed to the exploration of film, philosophy & art. Each issue is dedicated to a particular theme, developed through reviews, essays, interviews and videos. We delve into the past and the present alike, introducing and expanding on thought provoking practitioners, artefacts and ideas, as we believe that what is old may be the most contemporary and what is new a manifestation and continuation of the past.

four by three was launched in 2015 as a response to our discontent with the current cultural criterion of short-lived writing and the commodification of thought. Based in London, but realized by an international collective, we are devoted to opening up new ways of thinking through provocative and challenging work. Interested in the grey areas between individual disciplines and dominant ideas, we aim to foreground possibilities of imagining the world and ourselves anew.



Christine Jakobson & Bernard Hay


Christine Jakobson

Editorial Board

Hamish Ford, Andrew Bowie, Matt Ossias


David Maclean


Nelly Crane


Sam Travis