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Filtering by Category: death

Death of the Future


Has the possibility of a future died? Matt Ossias examines time, history, change and stillness through the prism of Giorgio Agamben, Walter Benjamin and Theodor Adorno, with reference to both literature and film, asking can we conceive of a still life that is in some sense still life?

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The Stranger, the Saint, and Grief’s Goodness


Can grief only be emotionally distressing or can it be redemptive and worthwhile or even vital? Philosopher Michael Cholbi examines the protagonist of Albert Camus’ existentialist novel The Stranger and brings him in dialogue with St. Augustine’s The Confessions, in order to examine the potential of ethical self-knowledge as a consequence of grief.

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On Revenge and Tragedy in Cinema and Life


Is life dramatic or tragic? Internationally acclaimed and award-winning Portuguese director Pedro Costa talks to four by three magazine about the nature of reality, ethics, the responsibility of an artist, his working unique methods, time and death, tragedy and drama, music and sound and the importance of criticism.

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Giorgio Agamben and the Voice of Death


Does an essential yet still unthought relation between death and language exist? Martijn Buijs turns to the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben to reconstruct his analysis of the voice in relation to death and with reference to both Aristotle and Martin Heidegger, examining along the way being, language and the ethical consequences arising from it.

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Death 24 x a Second


Has cinema died? British film theorist and avant-garde filmmaker Laura Mulvey talks to four by three magazine about the ontological shift from celluloid to digital, reality, temporality and truth, addressing how film is caught between stillness and movement and how death is ingrained in the materiality of film.

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The Proximity of Life & Death


Where do you put the camera to get a glimpse of our imminent extinction? Critically-acclaimed Romanian director Cristi Puiu talks to four by three magazine about cinema as entertainment and art, the responsibility of an artist, reality and fiction, truth and being, his fascination with death and Albert Camus, asking what makes life worth living?

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Performing Death: Derek Jarman’s Medial Blues


Can film transcend its material embodiment beyond celluloid print? John Winn examines Derek Jarman’s audio-visual work Blue (1993), reading it as a transmedial performance rather than a film, while foregrounding corporealities, textures, sounds and voices, thereby opening up the ways in which Blue brings to light questions concerning death.

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The Singularity of I, Daniel Blake


Can death signify in its singularity or is it always entrenched in a political context? Toby Bull examines Ken Loach’s Palme d’Or winning film I, Daniel Blake in the light of its political setting and contrasts Blake’s death with Gianfranco Rosi’s Gold Bear winning Fire at Sea, a documentary about the mass death of European migrant.

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