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Filtering by Category: nihilism

Nihilism as the Deepest Problem; Art as the Best Response


How can art and poetry encourage existential trajectories that move beyond the nihilism of late-modernity? American philosopher Iain Thomson turns towards the German philosopher Martin Heidegger, in order to illustrate nihilism as our deepest historical problem and art as our best response, while establishing Heidegger's insights into postmodernity and technology.

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Son of Saul


When do we reach the limits of representability, freedom and language? Christine Jakobson turns to László Nemes’ debut film Son of Saul, which won him the Grand Prix at Cannes and best foreign language film at the Oscars, challenging questions concerning identity, while confronting the liminality between possibility and impossibility, individuality and universality.

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10 Minutes with Raymond Geuss on Nihilism


Is nihilism the most important philosophical problem of our present? Philosopher Raymond Geuss talks to four by three in this video about our misconception of nihilism, outlining three ways of questioning it, while asking whether nihilism is a philosophical or a historical problem and whether we are truly nihilists or might simply be confused.

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Treatise on the Human Condition


What does it mean to be human and is art able to capture it? Award-winning Swedish director Roy Andersson talks to four by three about his Living Trilogy, contemporary cinema, the relationship between aesthetics and ethics, the frailty of the human condition, while addressing the purpose of art and cinema.

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Nietzsche as Immoralist


Why did Nietzsche think that morality is harmful to humanity? In this two part interview philosopher Maudemarie Clark talks to four by three about Nietzsche’s ethics, morality as an internalized form of cruelty, and the importance of genealogy as a tool for ethical criticism.

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Bad New Days


What is the relationship between contemporary capitalism and art? Art critic and historian Hal Foster talks to four by three magazine about the shifting practices of the avant-garde, artists Isa Genzken and Thomas Hirschhorn, while addressing whether art can resist the present nihilistic world in an age often defined as post-critical.

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The Anti-Nihilism of Kubrick and Haneke


Are the films of Stanley Kubrick and Michael Haneke entrenched in nihilism? Kevin Stoehr looks at both directors through the lens of Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy, illustrating just how much we misunderstand these great directors if we don't acknowledge their rejection of nihilism's negative orientation.

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12 Fragments on Nihilism


Are you a nihilist and should you be one? Philosopher Eugene Thacker turns to Friedrich Nietzsche to break down nihilism into fragments of insights, questions, possible contradictions and sketching it in all its facets, while asking whether nihilism can fulfill itself or always ends up undermining itself?

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The Club


How do you depict religious abuse and guilt in the aesthetic context of cinema? Director Pablo Larraín talks to four by three about his latest film The Club, winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Berlinale 2015, the ethical complexity of theological rationale, the responsibility of filmmakers and the violence of our own consciousness.

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