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Alchemical Objects


How can sculpture explore the relation between the human and the non-human? Wanda Wieser's artistic practice investigates the relation between matter and meaning, alchemy and the corporeal power of geological processes and objects.

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Slow Cinema: Resistance to Motion & Emotion


What is slow cinema? Ira Jaffe, professor emeritus at the University of Mexico, explores through numerous distinguished directors, such as Lisandro Alonso, Robert Bresson, Pedro Costa and Bela Tarr, how slow movies resist motion and emotion, while foregrounding the aesthetics and duration of the human condition & cinema itself.

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Holly Herndon Past : Forward


Are artists, consumers and critics guilty of a stubborn addiction to the past or have we become too obsessed with the new? Music critic Giuseppe Zevolli ties Holly Herndon's album Platform to the wider phenomenon of nostalgia for the past, while confronting her experimental compositions in the here and now.

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A Universe Unto Itself


Where does inspiration come from and how can you maintain it? Canadian singer-songwriter Lydia Ainsworth’s music defies easy classification. She talks to four by three about her album Right from Real, working on and dreaming about the future and how to maintain your creativity over a long period of time.

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