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A World Without Why


Does the world suffer from relativism and nihilism or is it imbued with meaning after all? Philosopher Raymond Geuss talks to four by three about his book A World Without Why, why clarity can be a function of repression, constructive versus radical criticism, and the role of art within philosophy.

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Why The World Does Not Exist


Does the world itself exist? German philosopher Markus Gabriel talks to four by three about his latest book Why the World Does Not Exist, tackling the big questions of ontology, why we should abandon metaphysics and why his theory of fields of sense can help us overcome the failures of post-modernism.

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Sonic Possible Worlds


How does sound relate to our shared reality and particularity in the world? Artist and writer Salomé Voegelin talks to four by three about her book Sonic Possible Worlds, Lewis' possible world theory, Merleau-Ponty's phenomenology, and the importance of listening.

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The Art of Resistance


What can literature teach us about resistance and how can this lead to politically subversive effects? Examining Maurice Blanchot's remarks on the revolution of May '68 and Michel Foucault's on the Iranian Revolution, Alex Düttmann argues that literary fiction provides insight into one of the strongest forms of defiance.

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Presence of Absence


Does cinema represent or create the world? Christine Jakobson revisits Jean-Luc Godard's famous quote that Robert Bresson's film Au Hasard Balthazar is 'the world in an hour and a half', turning to Stanley Cavell, Martin Heidegger and Mikel Dufrenne to ask: what is the world of a film for?

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The World Through A Lens


Where will you find the world? Steffi Pusch's photographic work is an extension of the process of how to relate to the world around us. Her work reflects the ambivalent experience of being at home, being elsewhere, being alien, being different, being involved.

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Distant People and Self-Soothing Objects


How can painting express an experience beyond an appearance? four by three talks to Phoebe Unwin about her current solo exhibition 'Distant People and Self-Soothing Objects' at Wilkinson Gallery, discussing painting, photography, the transitory and the human significance of distraction

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