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Sonic Archeology


How does the past sound like? Artist Abigail Sidebotham dives into the ancient sound of an abandoned copper quarry with her experimental film Tattered Rocks, while giving rise to the sound of the present and a vision of the future, offering metaphysical reflections on the nature of language and our relation to the world.

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Defusing Before Night Falls


Can a civilian ever understand the experience of a soldier? Artist Peter Voss-Knude talks to war psychologist Anne Lillelund about the challenges facing soldiers returning from war, the effects of trauma and the importance of the body, whilst reflecting on his own music and practice.

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Capturing Silence


Is it possible to capture the essential in silence? Photographer Ryan Trimble attempts to catch a glimpse of the self's multiplicity and fragmentation on celluloid, embedding it in the external context of our lived experience, while wondering whether this ambition is always and already impossible to attain.

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Being Silence


How can art introduce ambiguity into our experience of the everyday? Artist Becky Beasley talks to four by three about her practice, muteness as a form of resistance, the liminal space between photography and sculpture, and the place of death in the photographic image.

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How does sound transform the spaces we inhabit? four by three talks to artist Susan Philipsz about her practice, sound as a form of sculpture, the politics of silence and song, vocalising forgotten histories and the ethical challenges of remembrance.

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The World Through A Lens


Where will you find the world? Steffi Pusch's photographic work is an extension of the process of how to relate to the world around us. Her work reflects the ambivalent experience of being at home, being elsewhere, being alien, being different, being involved.

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In The End of Abstraction


What possibilities remain for abstract painting in the 21st century? Callum Green's paintings explore the potentials of the modernist drive to formalism and abstraction in the wake of commercialism, painting's exhaustion and the collapse of medium specificity.

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Leaking Into Fiction


How are the categories of literary forms decided and who is the one making the decisions? Why does gender or sexual orientation continue to be a prism for determining an author's work? Looking at the work of Chris Kraus and its initial reception, Rebecca Jagoe considers the conflation of the personal with the philosophical and the consequences of a text's refusal to adhere to one genre.

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Imaginative Resistance


Midcentury criticism of television’s manipulatory power foreshadowed our complex engagement with networked media today, which both facilitates and compromises our creative faculties. Victoria Mariel Paz looks at artist David Hall’s TV Interruptions in a new light and considers how imagination, stimulated by derivative consumer narratives, affects our desires, politics and cultural identity.

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Where is Paradise?


Where is paradise? In an attempt to find the answer, photographer Sara Yun dives into the depths of her being. She explores in this photo series the space between the here and there, reflecting on the world and its shadows, capturing the quotidian in a spellbinding contemplation.

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A Small Town


Is home a place, a condition or a feeling? Photographer Jesse Boyd Reid tells a visual narrative in this intimate photo series about his small home town in Australia, remembering what it was like, forgetting how it was and imagining what it could have been like.

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Alchemical Objects


How can sculpture explore the relation between the human and the non-human? Wanda Wieser's artistic practice investigates the relation between matter and meaning, alchemy and the corporeal power of geological processes and objects.

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Holly Herndon Past : Forward


Are artists, consumers and critics guilty of a stubborn addiction to the past or have we become too obsessed with the new? Music critic Giuseppe Zevolli ties Holly Herndon's album Platform to the wider phenomenon of nostalgia for the past, while confronting her experimental compositions in the here and now.

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A Universe Unto Itself


Where does inspiration come from and how can you maintain it? Canadian singer-songwriter Lydia Ainsworth’s music defies easy classification. She talks to four by three about her album Right from Real, working on and dreaming about the future and how to maintain your creativity over a long period of time.

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