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Presence of Absence


Does cinema represent or create the world? Christine Jakobson revisits Jean-Luc Godard's famous quote that Robert Bresson's film Au Hasard Balthazar is 'the world in an hour and a half', turning to Stanley Cavell, Martin Heidegger and Mikel Dufrenne to ask: what is the world of a film for?

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Xavier Dolan's Mommy


What is it that makes Xavier Dolan's Mommy, the latest work of one of cinema's youngest and most prolific directors, a contemporary masterpiece? Film critic Emilija Talijan explores how Dolan creates a film that lives and breathes, remembers and foreshadows and leaves you with an unforgettable experience.

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Slow Cinema: Resistance to Motion & Emotion


What is slow cinema? Ira Jaffe, professor emeritus at the University of Mexico, explores through numerous distinguished directors, such as Lisandro Alonso, Robert Bresson, Pedro Costa and Bela Tarr, how slow movies resist motion and emotion, while foregrounding the aesthetics and duration of the human condition & cinema itself.

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