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Filtering by Category: philosophy

A World Without Why


Does the world suffer from relativism and nihilism or is it imbued with meaning after all? Philosopher Raymond Geuss talks to four by three about his book A World Without Why, why clarity can be a function of repression, constructive versus radical criticism, and the role of art within philosophy.

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Why The World Does Not Exist


Does the world itself exist? German philosopher Markus Gabriel talks to four by three about his latest book Why the World Does Not Exist, tackling the big questions of ontology, why we should abandon metaphysics and why his theory of fields of sense can help us overcome the failures of post-modernism.

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Sonic Possible Worlds


How does sound relate to our shared reality and particularity in the world? Artist and writer Salomé Voegelin talks to four by three about her book Sonic Possible Worlds, Lewis' possible world theory, Merleau-Ponty's phenomenology, and the importance of listening.

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Commentary to Montaigne's On Liars


Why is lying considered to be immoral? From which interpersonal frames do our values arise? James Lewis turns to Michel de Montaigne's short essay On Liars, in order to establish lying's relation to friendship, value and society at large, asking: what exactly is so heinous about the sin of lying? 

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Music, Aesthetics & Making Sense


Can music make sense of the world or even transcend it? Philosopher and jazz musician Andrew Bowie talks to four by three about the connection between music, aesthetics, language and time with reference to Adorno and Heidegger, about the relationship between philosophy, arts and science, asking: why does art matter?

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Aesthetics, Immanuel Kant & Imagination


Does an artist perceive or invent his creation? And how does imagination relate to freedom, beauty and nature? Philosopher Paul Guyer talks to four by three about the relationship between aesthetics and ethics in the work of Immanuel Kant, Hegel's rejection thereof and Schopenhauer's positive conception of the aesthetic experience.

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Against Imagination


Does imagination create or distort our experience of the world? Oxford scholar Reidar Due turns to Spinoza, Deleuze and Kant, in order to establish imagination's relation to philosophy, the arts and science and ask: Does imagination liberate us or alienate us from reality, others and ourselves?

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